InterServer Coupons Code 2016 & Review|Best Web Hosting October 2016

Interserver October Review|Best Interserver Coupons : Web Hosting is a big market now, and the competition is immense…

Believe it or not, as a smart buyer you should never opt for Bluehost or HostGator! Wondering why I am saying this? Well, I do agree that Bluehost and HostGator are good at their services, but they are so much crowded that you won’t be able to get the full potential out of it.

So if you are a blogger or an internet marketer who is all set to drive some huge traffic to your website, you should avoid taking the outdated choices. So what to opt for? Let me introduce you to InterServer – my favourite web hosting provider. Get the best Interserver Coupons Code 2016 in this article.

interserver coupons

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InterServer – Who? What? How?

InterServer is one of the shining stars when it comes to Web Hosts – and the best part is that it isn’t crowded YET!

InterServer offers exceptional features at a decent price, and I bet you’re getting more than the other top guns in the industry. As you can see, even the cheapest of the plans are with unlimited bandwidth and hosting so that you never have to worry about the disk space getting full. How awesome is that?

InterServer, like any other host, offers shared as well as cloud hosting. They can be classified as under:

  • Shared Host: The cheapest plan starts at just $5 per month, and includes unlimited domains, storage and bandwidth. InterServer is quite generous and makes sure that not many plans are added in a single server.
  • WordPress host: It comes under Shared hosting, but if you plan to use WordPress, you can choose this one. It starts at $8 per month. The only disadvantage here is that you can add only 1 site. Opt for this one if you’re a blogger who just needs to host a single site.
  • VPS: Tired of shared hosting? Go for a VPS and get a personal server reserved for you. Fortunately, getting a VPS on InterServer is very cheap, the plans starting at just $6. You can upgrade anytime you want. Thus, whenever you find the current plan is unable to handle your growth and you need a boost, InterServer provides easy upgrades for you.
  • Dedicated Servers: All hail the beast! Forget all the hassle – get on a dedicated server and fasten up your website. With the plans starting at just $59 per month, you can afford to get a dedicated server for yourself!

What makes InterServer better than its competitors?

It’s not that you should opt for InterServer just because it’s not crowded. There are various other reasons that support this fact. Here I touch upon a few:

  • You get a cheap domain: With InterServer, you can get a domain for just $1.99!
  • It supports a LLLLOOOOOTTTTTTT of features: It supports unlimited MySQL databses, various languages (CGI, PHP, Ruby on Rails etc.), Modules (Curl, ImageMagic, FFMPEG), SSL as well as CornJob. You never know when you need any of these things, so it’s better to have them with you!
  • One click installations: InterServer guarantees to install 406 scripts at a single click. Includes WordPress, Joomla and a lot more. Forget the issues of script installations now!
  • It has an awesome support team: Stuck at something? Read the documentation. Stuck still? The support team is there to help you out.
  • 30 day money back guarantee: Not satisfied with what you’ve got? Tell them and get your money back – no questions asked.
  • Pay monthly: Who said you need to pay for a year in advance?
  • Free Website Migration: Migrating to another host? Let the InterServer team take the pain for you!
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee: Read it right! 100% power uptime guarantee and 99.5% network uptime guarantee.
  • Quality over Price: Look at any plan of InterServer. You will find that each plan stresses on delivering strong quality at a cheap price. Be it shared or VPS, you can rely on it!
  • Affiliate Support: Do you want to recover the money spent on your host? Invite your friends to join you on InterServer through their affiliate program and get as much as $100/sale. Even one or two sales are enough to pay your annual hosting bills. InterServer offers custom coupon codes as well as custom landing pages to skyrocket your sales!

Final Words|Best Interserver Coupon Code

Here are the coupons which you can use to get VPS plan at 0.01$ for first month on Interserver : WPREVIEWNINJA. Use the link given below to activate discount deal.

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Choosing the correct web host is really important. Your web host is the foundation of your website.

You need a web host that delivers more than what it promises, you need a web host that has an uptime guarantee, you need a web host you can work seamlessly with – and InterServer has all the traits you need.

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Love it or hate it – InterServer sticks to exceptional quality, and it is worth opting for InterServer in 2016.

What are your thoughts on InterServer? Do let me know in the comments section below. Keep visiting Wpreviewninja for more.